Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Neighborhood beat: Georgetown, etc: Cassis Catering launch and Grand Image Block Party

Mid July was a feast for the eyes as well as the appetite!   First the appetite part:

Our friend, John E Fike, (known to his friends and family as "Jef") satisfied a Francophile's dream by producing a bash at the way-cool Georgetown Studios to launch his new (old) enterprise:  Cassis Catering.

When he owned Cassis Bistro, we lived nearby and were fortunate to dine there at least once a month.  We were heartbroken when he closed and, now that he's restarting, so to speak, I'm delighted to announce that Charlie, Cassis' chef, is back, too!

We corralled a few good friends into attending (thank you!) and even our son donated his serving skills!  It was quite the luscious experience:  Coq au vin, Basil/Tomato/Sweet onion salade, specialty cocktails - oh la la!  My next catered event will be feature Cassis Catering, that's for sure!

The night before the Cassis launch, Grand Image organized a Block Party at their studio and all the neighboring businesses joined in:  Urban Hardwoods... 
 3Form Light Art, Resolute Lighting, among others..... 

There was fresh pizza, wine, beer, appetizers, gourmet hot dogs - alongside art and artful furniture & accessories!  And, best of all -  sun!


  1. Dammit Jann you made want to buy something .. then eat something ...

  2. I need to check the comments more often.... Thanks, Cathy - buy and eat, I always say! Not necessarily in that order....