Monday, December 13, 2010

The Chronicles of Alliance Wellness' fabulous new office - Finale

Dr Viv and the staff of Alliance Wellness moved into the new office in late July.  Not everything was totally finished, but it was complete enough for them to able to provide the stellar patient care they are known for!

It's almost hard to believe that what is now this:

.....was once this:

The floors are cork in a bamboo pattern, the gem-like, custom counter top was fabricated by local company, Novustone,  from concrete and recycled glass.

There are light-filtering panels atop the interior walls, featuring grasses pressed between layers of resin,  made by Lumicor, a local company.
Abundant storage for patient records was provided by local company, Organized Spaces.

But what really sets this medical office apart and infuses it with a spa-like, almost zen aura, lives in the details:

.... billowing, sheer, azure drapery panels and Roman Shade, which can be glimpsed in the photo, above, and at the top.....
......porcelain wall sconces in massage/acupuncture treatment rooms.....

......rectangular mirror-framed mirror and square sink in the bathroom....
 ......grass weave shades in the front offices..... 
.....bright, interesting fabric on the lumbar-supporting pillows....

....gorgeous designer wallpaper throughout.

It's a beautiful, warm, welcoming space that just begs to be lingered in, whether one is injured or just in need of a pampering massage!


  1. it looks absolutely fabulous Jann! Nice work!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Kenna! Just now saw it.