Sunday, May 30, 2010

Designer Model Homes at Escala

When I was a child, our family used to tour the latest suburban subdivision's model homes for entertainment....To my young eyes, they were sumptuously decorated and had an almost unattainable aesthetic.

Last week, as a professional interior designer - and adult - I toured Escala at the invitation of Wipliance and previewed five units decorated by local designers: Jeff Lamb, Dixie Stark, Rich Holliday of Masins Furniture, Dana Hamel, and Polina Zaika-Musa.

Escala is a swanky, sophisticated, urban environment.  Many of the finishes are over the top, as evidenced by these photos of the lobby, above and left....

But Dixie Stark's design was warm and welcoming, above....

......and, though this unit was the smallest of the bunch, Musa Design managed a beautiful blend of contemporary and Asian furnishings, above.  (photo courtesy of Musa Design)

I love this remote-controlled entertainment unit by Wipliance - a great space-saving high tech case good, with a luscious finish....

Escala is definitely cool!

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