Monday, May 17, 2010

Really cool discoveries.....

I was researching some European antiques for a project recently and came across a treasure trove of absolutely fantastic resources!  It all started with the March issue of House Beautiful.....and the article "Blue as a Titian", featuring the exquisite work of Babs Watkins, Julie Watkins Baker and the amazing Eleanor Cummings, above.

I researched Ms Cummings (who is very difficult to find, by the way) and, in the process, came across a great Houston home decor store and wonderfully amusing blog:  Indulge Decor, (check it out) which, capturing my attention like solving a good mystery, led me to some mouthwatering antique sites:

Kay O'Toole Antiques has some gorgeous, to die-for pieces like the items, above.  (Check out the Indulge Decor blog posting on Kay O'Toole's home!)

Tara Shaw has fabulous things  - true antiques as well as Tara Shaw Maison, a line of reproductions that I lust after.

Then there's Watkins Culver, which had this cabinet published in the April issue of Veranda :

And, also Robuck and Co

.......and Jacqueline Adams

Makes me want to take a trip down South to go antiquing!

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